Here at Outdoor Living much like our other products we house a large variety of Barbecues in all different shapes, colours and sizes. We are sure we can find the right one for you, and our web site explains all the various types that are available. If you would like your barbecue erected, we can arrange this for you, but there is an additional charge. The various stock we have include, the well-known Beefeater, Grill Stream, Bush Beck, Kookai, Memphis and Burner. Along with barbecues we also stock Barbecue stations made by Burma, these stations allow you to barbecue in peace whilst it’s rainy or windy outside.

For the customer who is looking for a funky retro barbecue then our Memphis line is the one for you, not only does it come in pink and blue but it is also good value for a barbecue of its nature.

We also have Beefeater barbecues and this is our largest brand. Although our most expensive, you are most definitely getting value for your money. All the barbecues from Beefeater are fully welded with stainless steel frames, reliable quartz start ignition on each burner, large removable warming racks, stainless steel condiment baskets, high performance stainless steel burners, stainless steel vaporizers to reduce flare ups and so much more. Also Beefeater give 3 and 5 years warranty’s with various makes.

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