Paving Ireland offers a wide selection of quality and standardized sealer products.  They are designed for the optimum protection of your walls, indoor and outdoor floors, and pavements.  You can now prevent damages from your structures with our impregnating sealers.  We offer cost effective sealer products which also includes a 15 year guarantee if and only if being applied by a professional applicator.  We also guarantee you that by having our sealers; you can save time money and effort.  Surfaces like travertine, sandstone, granite and clay can be protected and sealed by our sealer products.

If you wish to maintain the natural colours of your pavements, walls and other structures, you must have one of our sealer products, and you may visit us at .  All our products are made available online for our customer’s convenience, just browse and click.  Our showroom at Kilquade Patio Centre is also available if you want to see the products is real view, it’s just located near Wicklow.  Buy now and we assure you, we do great deals for our great products.