Maintaining Outdoor Furniture in Autumn and Winter

By  Outdoor Living  |  23 October 2023
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Once the Irish summer comes to an end, the autumn and winter months can present some challenges in terms of caring for your outdoor furniture. The wind, rain, frost, snow etc can all be damaging to furniture if it has not been protected and this can reduce its longevity.

In this blog, we will provide you with all the tips you need to maintain and protect your garden furniture during the colder months in Ireland. This will ensure your furniture lasts longer and maintains its appearance over time.

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Garden Furniture During the Colder Months

  • Buying Sturdy & Durable Furniture:

The first step you can take towards ensuring your garden furniture lasts through the winter in Ireland is purchasing furniture that is made from sturdy and resilient materials that can withstand the winter weather. Some examples include aluminium, as it is very durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. Our rattan furniture range all have aluminium frames and we also have a cast-aluminium range. Our range of wooden furniture is made from durable types of wood, and with consistent treatment, they can last through many Irish winters. Finally, our range of plastic furniture is extremely durable and resistant to weather and is ideal for surviving winters in Ireland.

  • Protect Furniture with a Garden Building:

There are a couple of ways you could protect your garden furniture in the winter with a garden building. The first way is to store it inside. This may only be an option if you have the space available indoors or in a storage shed or something similar, but this would protect your furniture from the weather effectively. Another option could be to house your furniture in or underneath an outdoor structure such as a gazebo, pergola or summer house/pavilion. This can be a year-round option to protect against rain, wind and sun throughout the year. At, we have a wide range of garden buildings that could be ideal for helping you maintain your garden furniture throughout the colder months.

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  • Covering your Furniture and Storing Cushions:

Another great option to protect outdoor furniture in the winter is to cover your furniture set. A high-quality, waterproof cover will properly protect from the elements in the winter. Our wide range of garden furniture covers all protect against wind, rain and UV light. The covers have toggles underneath which can be used to fasten the cover once it has covered the set, this prevents it from being blown off in the wind. There is a huge variety of sizes available, so there will be something to suit all types of set.

When covering a garden set, we recommend that the cushions be taken off beforehand and stored separately as this prevents the cushions from becoming damp and mould developing. Cushions could be kept inside, however, if this is inconvenient, storage boxes are a great option for storing cushions. Our range of storage boxes includes plastic, metal and rattan options, all of which are waterproof.

  • Keep Furniture Clean:

Regardless of which method you choose to protect and maintain your garden furniture in the winter, it is important to clean the furniture before storing it. Clearing any leaves, dirt, grime, bird droppings, snow/ice etc., from your garden furniture can prevent staining. Making sure your furniture is completely dry before covering it is also an important step to prevent issues such as mould or mildew forming. Inspecting your garden furniture occasionally in the winter for any build-up of any snow, ice, water or grime is also a good idea.

If you follow all of the above steps, and adequately store your garden furniture, you can be sure that it will last you through the Irish winters for many seasons to come!

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Get Prepared for Autumn and Winter and Check out our Furniture Accessories to Help Protect your furniture from the Irish Weather!

If you had been hesitating to purchase some outdoor furniture because of fears over how it would fare during the harsh Irish winters, then hopefully this blog post has shown that there are various ways to effectively protect outdoor furniture during the colder months.

Furniture sets should be either covered or sheltered with cushions taken inside or stored for the winter, and it is important to keep the furniture clean to further maximise its longevity. Browse our collection of outdoor furniture accessories such as covers and storage boxes at to choose ones perfect for your garden furniture.

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