MultiBranch Apple x 3 Foliage Branch - 85cm

MultiBranch Trees come with beautiful artificial branches. Featuring autumn leaves, frosted branches, blossoms, cherries, wisterias and more, the choice is yours! The branches of these stylish artificial trees are specially designed to be easily interchangeable depending on your décor and come as close as you can get to the real thing.


These pretty artificial branches are an easy way to create a new tree in just a few minutes.

MultiBranch Trees offer easy switchable branches that come in a variety of sizes and styles. You can purchase one trunk and then use any of the different branches in the MultiBranch Collection with it. So you can pick up holly branches for the Christmas season and then when spring arrives replace them for young spring buds! Your artificial tree can now change with the seasons!

MultiBranch branches are completely interchangeable between all of our MultiBranch trunks, although the trunks do accept different numbers of branches depending on size. Please ensure that you have ordered the correct number of branches for your trunk.

We recommend using a clean brush with soft bristle to dust off the branches once a month as part of your cleaning routine.