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Parasol Bases

A decent parasol base should be no less than 9kg in weight, with a competitive weight starting at approximately 12.5 kg. Parasol required for an outdoor umbrella exceeding 3 metres need to weigh in beyond that, and those outdoor garden parasols using heavier materials and more robust frames need to be ranging from 25kg and beyond as far as 50kg.

Rest assured, we at Outdoor Living Ireland have done the research. Our obligation to you, the customer, is to ensure only top quality professionalism goes into sourcing our parasol bases. Safety and quality of design is paramount.

We provide an excellent range of outdoor parasol bases for your patio and garden, from 15kg high-quality resin mould parasol bases appropriate to light weight outdoor table umbrellas, to top-end 50kg and 90kg heavy duty granite bases for our Alexander Rose cantilever parasols.

Our inventory of outdoor garden and patio parasol bases has, amongst its number, interlocking screw mechanisms to ensure e stability, and wheels on our heavier models for ease of mobility.

Our online catalogue should give you the buyer an overall idea of what you might need, but there should be no harm in contacting us via our Customer Care line to talk with any of our competent and knowledgeable members of staff.