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Built in Barbecues

Beefeater are seen by Australia’s natives not so much as the leading name in built-in outdoor garden barbecuing, but more so an icon and part of the Antipodean culture itself. Beefeater’s built-in gas barbecues give the connoisseur only top-end restaurant quality grilling and cooking. So much so that it is the Beefeater range celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey uses as his go to for grilling.

Beefeater are renowned for their innovations in outdoor grilling and patio garden cooking. They were the first company to innovate on quartz-star ignition, roof-style glass roasting lids, and, most importantly, the vapourizer component. The latter is especially significant as it gives the user total control in ensuring zero flare, which prevents one’s meat from being burnt.

If there is any brand that will 100% enhance your outdoor kitchen set-up, then Beefeater is truly the one that can rise to any challenge. Beefeater in-built gas-operated grills are the very epitome of one of a kind.

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