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Step into the world of our Pets & Birdcare collection, designed to bring the beauty of wildlife right into your garden. We offer a variety of products including Bird Tables, nutritious bird foods, and versatile feeding solutions to attract a wide array of garden birds.

Our collection includes a range of bird tables, each thoughtfully designed to accommodate various bird species. These tables can be enhanced with our selection of accessories, such as seed trays, water dishes, and hooks for hanging bird feed, making them perfect sanctuaries for your feathered visitors.

Our selection of Fat Balls is a great option for winter bird care. Packed with high-fat content, they provide vital energy to birds during the colder months and are effective in attracting a broad spectrum of small wild birds.

Bird Seed Buckets in our range are carefully chosen to appeal to the widest variety of garden birds, with a particular focus on songbirds. These seeds are ideal for use in both table and tube feeders and include a blend of wholesome ingredients such as whole wheat, oats, and various seeds.

The Peanuts Bucket is another great offering, providing an energy-packed food source that's perfect for attracting a diverse group of birds. This product is also suited for year-round feeding and is compatible with a variety of feeders.

Our collection is tailored for everyone from enthusiastic bird watchers to those who simply love the presence of birds in their gardens. To see our entire range of garden products and accessories, visit us at our Glen of The Downs store in Co. Wicklow. We are dedicated to helping you create a welcoming environment for your feathered garden visitors.