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From small hobby greenhouses to large commercial structures, we have something for every gardening enthusiast. Our selection of greenhouses includes a variety of sizes and styles to suit any space and gardening needs. Take advantage of our unbeatable deals and start growing your own produce today!

Green houses is part of the Outdoor Living and stock the largest range of DIY and Hobbyist Greenhouses in Ireland, Brands include Vitavia, Palram and Elite to name a few. We have various models including Wooden, Polycarbonate, Dwarf Wall Glasshouses and Lean to Greenhouses on sale.

Whether you’re an amateur gardener or a full time horticulturist, greenhouses offer a number of amazing benefits for growing and planting. A good greenhouse provides a perfect environment for healthy plant life and long growing seasons, giving you a consistently regulated space that won’t put your plants at risk. Strong winds, heavy rain or sweltering heat can impact plants negatively if left unprotected. Greenhouse structures diffuse sunlight, ventilate air and shield from rain and wind, so while seasons come and go - your greenhouse will keep doing its job.

Trying to grow plants from foreign climates? Place those pots inside a greenhouse! With warm, humid environments that can’t be replicated outdoors your insulated greenhouse will allow you to bring warm-season vegetables and exotic plants to maturation. The shelter of your structure will also ward off pests and predators, so you won’t have to meddle with toxic pesticides or chemicals to fight off unwanted animals and insects.

At Outdoor Living we have greenhouses in a variety of different sizes and styles. Our sizing options range from two foot to twelve foot squared, meaning there’s a model to fit every type of garden. Each greenhouse is stacked with practical features like louvre vents for aeration, slatted shelves, or double doors to ensure your gardening needs are catered for. We cater for style as well as substance too. Dwarf Wall models sit on low brick walls that hark back to the halcyon days of the past, and many of our greenhouse frames are finished in period style, with ornate crestings and finials adding a stunning, Victorian-inspired finishing touch.

If space isn’t your ally in the garden, try a lean-to greenhouse that will attach securely to a garage or shed. Lean-to greenhouses are compact versions of their larger cousins, and offer a reduced space without a reduction in the quality of the growing environment. Prefer to keep things firmly on the ground, or don’t want to over complicate your space? Try a cold frame greenhouse, for a simple structure that utilises solar energy and insulation to create a micro-climate on your lawn. Ridge height, frame finish, colour scheme; there are so many options available to you in our enormous catalogue. And, if the choice is overwhelming, our greenhouse packages group together the essential accessories you need to get the most out of your purchase. Give your garden a helping hand and shop our selection now!

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