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As well as our range of outdoor heating solutions, Outdoor Living stocks hybrid heating models that can also be used indoors. In recent years, infrared heating bars have become an increasingly popular home heating solution. These can be used to add heat to a garage, gazebo or shed and also in other covered outdoor areas.


Infrared heaters emit radiant heat, which is the same principal as how the sun heats our wonderful planet. Our indoor heaters are much smaller though; the contemporary slimline design will tuck away snugly on a dark wall and only be visible by the cheerful glow of the heating element. Normally wall mounted, you can also consider installing your infrared heaters on the ceiling if space is limited or you can mount them on the specially designed Outdoor Living poles & tripods we supply.


Modern heaters come with modern capabilities - especially in the case of our ultra sleek IP65 Burda Smart Glass Heater. Weighing only 3.3kgs, yet boasting a performance of 2000 watts and providing heat for areas of up to 6sq metres, the top quality Schott-Nextrema® glass-ceramic front on the heater helps prevent excessive over burn and glare to those gathered around this heater. This heater is equipped with an infrared remote control and Wi-Fi connection via a smartphone app (Android/iOS).


Radiated heat is an energy efficient method of heating, and as a result these types of indoor heaters are kind on the wallet. Affordable to buy and easy to install, you won’t have the expense of buying fuel supplies and don’t need to worry about running out any time soon either. And, unlike conventional heaters that dry out the air as part of the convection process, infrared heaters don't create dry heat. This way you won’t feel that stifling feeling when a room has been overheated.


For all your commercial requirements, please contact Stephen Behan in our commercial division at [email protected] or you can contact him on: 085-1778562.


Please note: we always advise our customers to consult a registered, qualified electrician regarding installation of our electrical heaters.