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Unbeatable Deals on Water Features!

Our selection of stunning water features will add a touch of tranquillity and beauty to any outdoor space. From small fountains to large features, we have something for every style and budget. Browse our collection and create a soothing oasis in your backyard today! 

Water Features

A well-placed water feature can be the focal point of any outdoor area, making it more dramatic and brightening up your space. As a leading supplier of indoor and outdoor water features in Ireland, and with everything from ceramic to stainless steel fountains available, we know we have a water feature to perfectly complement your garden.

Do you want something to suit a classically decorated garden? Why not browse our traditional statues? Our Oriental garden features look beautiful in a minimalist setting. And if you’re looking to liven up your smaller space, our miniatures collection can make use of awkward corners or nooks that seem like wasted space, but simply need something to spruce them up.


Water Fountains

Our outdoor water fountains can help to bring a sense of calm to your life as listening to the sound of flowing water has been known to reduce feelings of stress. Imagine coming home from an exhausting day in work, heading out to your patio, and listening to the gentle sounds of trickling water from your fountain as your stress washes away.

Nature lovers will love the wildlife that a water fountain brings into their garden. Birds love to bathe in fountains so you can spend time observing them while relaxing outdoors. It’s an excellent opportunity for kids (and you) to learn more about the wildlife in your area. Choose from our water fountains with lights to see even more of the natural world on the darker evenings.


Wall Water Features

Flowing water also helps to reduce noise pollution, so a wall water feature, like our ripple sheet water feature or Havana water feature, is a perfect solution if you’re bothered by nearby traffic or a neighbour’s barking dog.

A wall water feature can enhance the beauty of any outdoor area by adding a touch of softness and glamour to your relaxing atmosphere.


Water Features for Commercial Use

Even commercial spaces can make use of this sense of calm. Hotels and spas can benefit from having a water feature in their terrace or waiting area to make people feel more relaxed and welcome in the space.

An indoor space like a lobby or bar can benefit from the tranquil sense of a trickling water feature, letting your customers know that they can be at ease there.

You can have all of these natural and tranquil benefits with minimal effort and only a little maintenance.  All of our water features are simple to install and come with easy instructions, and as they all use a self-contained pump that re-circulates the water, there’s no need to attach it to the water mains.

Cleaning most of our garden features is as simple as wiping with a sponge, water and soap and changing the water monthly. The pumps may need to be cleaned more thoroughly once a year, but the small amount of maintenance is more than worth the beauty and elegance of an outdoor water feature.

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