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Hailing from the heart of Austria, Biohort has transformed the garden storage landscape with their unmatched prowess in crafting metal garden sheds. As Europe's premier brand, they don't just offer sheds; they offer resilience, aesthetics, and a promise of unparalleled longevity.


Every Biohort product is a culmination of detailed craftsmanship. Their steel plates, remarkably twice as thick as many competitors, ensure durability even in the harshest conditions. The unpredictable Irish rains or hefty snowfall? Biohort’s sheds, boasting a 150 kg/m² snow load, remain unyielding. Their resilience is further validated by TU Wien's wind tunnel tests, where the sheds withstood gusts of 150 km/h, showcasing their hurricane-proof design.


Take the HighLine—its modern design, featuring acrylic glass panels, illuminates interiors even on gloomy days. Beyond its contemporary look, HighLine offers security with its 3-way locking mechanism and durability with its maintenance-free promise. Then there's the Europa range. It resonates with those who seek unparalleled quality at a reasonable price. From its integrated gutter to the robust roof construction, Europa is the emblem of functionality meets design.


We also offer a large range of other garden buildings which can be seen here:




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